We will be open tomorrow but will be closing early

We’ll be open tomorrow but will be closing early because of the winter snow storm.  That means you can come by in the morning since there won’t be school and the banks will be closed and who knows what else and get a hot pain au chocolate or a cafe au lait or latte or apple turnover.  We will have some jazz or classical music playing in the cafe because either make good snowstorm listening.

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Have a birthday cake on order for a 100 year old

images-1One of my front staff took an order yesterday for a birthday cake.  There was nothing very remarkable about that until the customer called again today to ask if we could write the number 100 on the top.  It happens that this birthday cake for Saturday is for a person who is turning 100 years old.  Now that is an age I don’t write very often on top of a cake! This would probably be reason number….well, 100 why I enjoy being a baker.   It is very gratifying to make something for a memorable occasion like a centenarian’s birthday!  And what kind of cake did they order you ask?  Why the Traditional of course!

One other notable person who was born in 1915 –   Ingrid Bergman

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Just placed my Fedco Seed Order! And ordered seedlings from Back Beyond Farm

UnknownOne of the things I look forward to in late December is the arrival of the Fedco seed catalogue!  My wife and I spend quite a bit of time perusing its pages.   It is our goal this year to grow more veggies for the cafe.    I also placed an order with Back Beyond Farm of Tunbridge, VT for tomato, pepper, melon and basil plants.  I know for those sorts of things it is best to leave it to the professionals rather than trying to grow them from seed – at least  in the scale I’m planning.   I know my limitations!  I’m also piggy-back ordering from Ray at Back Beyond about 15,000 lbs of cow manure for the garden from a big delivery that he is getting for his farm.  We have some ambitious gardening ahead of us!    Happy Seed Ordering Everyone!   Spring will be here before you know it!

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