Wild Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz

imagesI was away the past two days at a workshop at Shelburne Farms in Vermont on fermentation presented by Sandor Katz.  As a baker I found it was very interesting!  As you are all probably aware, the natural fermentation of food is all around us.   Just a very short list would include coffee, chocolate, naturally leavened breads, sour kraut, kefir, yoghurt, kimchi,   salami, fish sauce, soy sauce, beer, wine, pickles and on and on and on.   He not only talked about the techniques used to make these foods but we had a hands on project and made dry salted sour kraut using local vegetables such as cabbage, radishes, garlic, onions and carrots.   Naturally fermented foods not only taste good, they are are extremely nutritious, easy to make and once made, can last a long time when stored under the proper conditions.   And not only that,  they are very safe to make as well.  UnknownI strongly recommend that you check out his two books – wild fermentation and the art of fermentation!

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I was wrong – well done Argentina!

UnknownI stand corrected.  Jimmy the Greek I am not.   So it will be Argentina v Germany.  South America v. Europe.  The Patagonia v the Black Forest.  I’m looking forward to watching the game.  Then I’ll cancel directv.

Back to the food —–    I’m thinking of a new meat pie  -  in pastie form.  Do you have a meat or  vegetarian combination that you would like to see-  email me and if it sounds compelling I’ll make it.     I’ve been making Chicken Mushroom Leek pies and Curry Pies and the like for 14 years now.  Let’s do something new.    To quote the motto of Connecticut – “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,” (He Who Transplanted Still Sustains).    That sounds very gardening like – doesn’t it?     I’ll be thinking of that motto next winter / spring when with all the seeds I am planning on getting from Fedco!  

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I’m guessing it will be Germany v Netherlands

imagesYou heard it here first.   This sunday the world cup will culminate with Germany facing off against the Netherlands.   Thanks Brazil for the memories!!

I’m posting this at halftime during the Brazil v Germany game.      Maybe I’ll make Berliners on Saturday or maybe Pannenkoeken.

I think it is poignant to mention that the US lost to Germany by only 1 goal in the games. And you know what, we should have won that game!

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