The 2018 Holiday Menu is here!

We are posting this 4 days earlier than we did last year!   Yeah!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Here is the 2018 Menu. I kept it simple as I find people like to order off menu!  So if you don’t want a Yulelog like ours pictured here below and would prefer something like a nice lemon tart just let us know!  Christmas Desserts are a personal/ traditional thing and I’ll do what I can to oblige.  Take a look at our dessert/ cake menu – if there is something that tickles your fancy, place that order!

And don’t forget breakfast pastries or quiche for the morning.   While you are drinking your rum laced eggnog from McNamara’s Dairy (that’s what I do) (which by the way is the only dairy I use here in the cafe- bakehouse) during the present opening it is good to have something solid to eat as well.

We hope you all have a joyous and pleasant  Holiday Season!

  Umplebys_Holiday_Menu_2018.pdf (76.9 KiB)

                                          Umpleby’s Holiday Menu 2018

Buche de Noel $38.00 (serves 10-12)
 A wonderful centerpiece for your Christmas dinner – choose either chocolate or vanilla sponge for the roulade. It is then filled with mocha mousse and masked with mocha buttercream and decorated with meringue mushrooms, scarf, snowman, holly, and dusted with snow.

German Stollen $9.50 
This traditional classic beauty is filled with dried fruit, almonds and a little rum making for a very festive sweet loaf.

Holiday Cookies $11.20/ dozen Orange kisses, Russian tea cakes, sugar, checkerboard, chocolate dipped shortbreads, coconut macaroons, and chocolate crinkles just to name a few. They are great for gifts or the holiday table.

Hazelnut Linzers $16.75 /dozen A Holiday Cookie so amazingly delicious it gets its own listing.  A rich buttery thumbprint cookie covered with crushed hazelnuts and baked with raspberry preserves. Try one and you’ll be hooked!

Please Note: All of our regular cakes and desserts are available for special order as well! Please see our Dessert / Cake Menu!

And don’t forget the morning! All our pastries are available to order too!


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Umpleby’s eGift Cards are now available!

We are continuing our march to the 21st Century.

Through Square, Umpleby’s eGift cards are now available!

Simply click on this link:   Umpleby’s eGift Card and follow the easy instructions.

They can be for any amount from $10 on up.

There is no paper to have to keep track of and they can be redeemed here at the cafe or over the phone when you place an order.

It couldn’t be easier!

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We mourn the passing of Dr. Lisa Schwartz

It was with great sadness that I read in the NYT yesterday of the passing of Dr. Lisa Schwartz.  She, along with her husband, Dr. Steven Woloshin, have been big advocates of our bakery since our early days in Bridgewater, VT.   Carolyn and I  first met her and her husband about 11 or 12 years ago at our stall at the Norwich Farmers’ Market.  She was the kind of customer that I would look forward to seeing on Saturday mornings.

She and her husband taught a class at Dartmouth and at the end of the school year would order from us a big breakfast / brunch  for their students.  The centerpiece of the order was a cake with an inscription that read:

What is your favorite class?
a. ECS 122
b. The survey course
c. Blank but applicable (really ECS 122)

I believe someone schooled in the science of survey questions would smile at  this.

I lost my father to cancer as what happened to Lisa, and it was a great comfort to hear from people in the form of condolence cards.   It showed me that my father made a difference and had touched people’s lives. Why do I mention this?  Because from my experience, if you knew Lisa and her Family, it would be a real nice gesture to her husband and children to know that you were thinking of her and them if you sent them a card.

Lisa had touched my life with her enthusiasm for the food I make and for that I will always be grateful.  I am so very sorry of her passing at such an early age.



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