Russell Hobbs – the toaster that makes you feel like home

I’m sure that most of you who read this blog know at this point that my wife, Carolyn is from Oz.   Remember that – it is an important part of this story.   I was cleaning the kitchen at home today and I started looking critically at our bright red Russell Hobbs toaster. It brought back some fond memories.  When one is 50 years old and looks at things sometimes one gets into memory mode. Right?   In fact, our toaster looks exactly like the one posted here.  What? You never heard of Russell Hobbs, the small appliance manufacturer from Great Britain? Let me clue you in.  They’re great!

When I was living with Carolyn in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia one of the things I remembered about the apartment (besides that it had a real issue having sustained hot water for the shower) was her silver colored Russell Hobbs toaster.  I thought it was the coolest thing as it had a lever to press down the bread to put into toast mode.  I combed the nets and the closest that I could find to what I am referring is this –  But hers was much cooler – the lever was much more dramatic – at least that is what I remember.

Flash forward 15 or so years and we have recently moved to Tunbridge, VT.  We are looking to replace our toaster as our previous one died.   I thought this would be a great opportunity to get a toaster like the one in North Fitzroy.   I thought it would be nice to have something that reminded my beloved of home.  So we combed the nets and picked the flashy red number pictured here.  It makes great vegemite toast with Umpleby’s sourdough country french bread!!!!

It’s a great toaster – made in England for an Australian – American family.

P.S.  Russell Hobbs is not paying me any money for this endorsement.  (Although I wouldn’t begrudge them if they did)



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