Holiday Menu

Umpleby’s Holiday Menu 2010

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Buche de Noel $32.00 (serves 8)
 A wonderful centerpiece for your Christmas feast – chocolate sponge and mocha mousse Yule log, decorated with meringue mushrooms, scarf, snowman, holly, and dusted with snow.  It’s a show stopper!

Sacher Torte $26.00 (serves 8)
 The classic Austrian chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot glaze covered with chocolate ganache. Got Milk?  Got Stout? Got Port?

Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie $16.75 (serves 6)
 Our delicious Thanksgiving pie is staying for the holiday season, whole pecans and Jim Beam Bourbon makes this pie very special.

German Stollen $9.25 
This classic beauty is filled with dried fruit, nuts and a little rum making a very festive sweet loaf.

Holiday Cookies $9.60/ dozen  
chocolate dipped shortbreads, orange kisses, Russian tea cakes, , sugar, pecan sandies, coconut macaroons, and chocolate crinkles to name a few.  Great for gifts or the holiday table.

Fruit Mince Tarts $12.00 /half dozen 
These little tarts are made with our own well researched, homemade mince and are both a delicious and charming treat. Vegetarians take note: they do contain beef suet.

Hazelnut Linzers $11.25 /dozen  A Holiday Cookie so amazingly delicious it gets its own listing.  A rich buttery thumbprint cookie covered with crushed hazelnuts and baked with raspberry preserves. Try one and you’ll be hooked!