Hazelnut Linzer Cookie is Here


Carolyn here….

Hazelnut Linzers are in the cookie case – yippee. Tender, hazelnut cookie dough, filled with raspberry jam, rolled in crushed hazelnuts and dusted with powered sugar. There is nothing better….well….maybe there are some equal but it is hard to walk away from a linzer cookie. They also make great gifts. Thanks Charles! You are our neighborhood Super Baker!


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Sufganiyot for sale today!

Happy Hanukkah!   A customer ordered today a few dozen sufganiyot so I made some extras for sale in the cafe.   In case you didn’t know, I didn’t myself – they are essentially jelly doughnuts.  I always welcome the opportunity to make doughnuts when I can!

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Cookie Season

Cookies really are a wonderful thing. They are small and delicate which makes them a perfect little treat and if there is jam involved, I find them impossible to resist. Raspberry thumbprints are my cookie of choice right now. Matched with a macchiato or some ginger tea….. so good. I have my eye on the cookie case as our seasonal favorites will begin to arrive from the bakehouse next door. raspthumb


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